A new level of enterprise performance!
The KIP 870 workgroup and departmental print system is designed for high demand project requirements, with outstanding performance and reliability. High resolution color and black & white mixed set production with built-in cost efficiency reporting. Expand the compact front stacking design with versatile rear stacking or folding accessories that increase productivity. Touchscreen convenience offers advanced network cloud access, set printing and system management without a PC workstation.

‧ 4 Roll Network Printer
‧ 12.1″ Smart System K Touchscreen
‧ Standard Front Stacking
‧ Optional Rear Stacking or KIP Fold
‧ KIP System K Print Management Suite
‧ Windows and AutoCAD Drivers
‧ Workflow Automation

KIP 870 Multi-Touch Production Color Print System

KIP 870 + KIP 接圖系統

KIP 870 + KIPFold 800 摺圖系統