KIP 2300 高產能掃描系統
The KIP 2300 high productivity scanner sets a uniquely high standard for speed; quality and flexibility in a digital image capture system.

Best in class productivity is achieved via new KIP Tru • Speed Technology for high speed data processing with no delays. Outstanding image quality is delivered through the innovative use of bright white LED light sources for illumination and 600 x 600 dpi image capture resolution.

The KIP 2300 monochrome & color scanner provides demanding users with the highest image quality, versatility and productivity.

• 支援直接連結噴墨繪圖機
• 預掃模式 – standard or production
• 原稿照明系統採用兼具高發光效率與高演色性的白光 LED
• 黑白掃描速度每分鐘 18 公尺
• 彩色掃描速度每分鐘 9 公尺