KIP 70 Series 所有系統功能都可以使用生動鮮明的 12.2 吋大尺寸彩色多點觸控螢幕來進行複印、列印及掃描彩色或黑白文件。Walk-up operator conveniences include auto-start, access to unlimited presets, easy to understand touchscreen user guides and real-time on-screen previews. Multi-touch controls provide users with full color intuitive tablet-like controls with super view, swipe, pinch, spread, rotate and tap.

Vivid image previews and on-screen controls allow for saving and printing the Area of Interest. Multi-touch features allow operators to identify documents, adjust image quality and replace documents in collated sets. The integrated color touch display provides a powerful combination of control plus convenience; you don’t have to leave the printer to perform important tasks.